NOTICE: DUE TO HIGH DEMAND, we are currently adding couples to a waitlist.
Please visit the inquire page for additional information.

If you experience issues with our form, or do not recieve a response within 48 business hours, please email me at

Attention Inquiring Couples: 

I am so grateful for your consistent inquires and excitement to work with myself and my team.  Due to incredibly high demand, we are currently offering a waitlist for new couples planning a 2023 wedding with a planning start date in June 2022.  Our books are closed for weddings taking place in 2022. If you would like to consider being on the waitlist and would like some information about what working with Storybook will look like, please submit your inquiry below and I will be glad to follow up with our process and expectations. 

Thank you again. 

I am so grateful for you all,


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