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5 Things That Will Make Your Wedding Day Even Better

Your wedding day is already going to be one to remember forever! But even knowing that, we couldn’t help but share five more details that will make your wedding day even better!

Have a Pair of Flats on Hand

We love Jimmy Choos and Louboutains as much as anyone but your wedding day is long!  Make sure to always purchase or bring some cute flats with you.  You will love yourself for this.  Trust me!! Whether you slip them on between photo locations or need them desperately once dancing begin, a pair of cute wedding flats will do your feet wonders!

I promise, you will want to have them by the time you start dancing. Bella Belle and Kate Spade make some super cute white bridal flats. Invest in your feet and get wedding flats, so you can enjoy every moment. 

Dedicate 20 Minutes for ‘Just the Two of You’

As long as the wedding day is, it simultaneously goes by fast! 

Schedule a minimum of 20 minutes, just the two of you during wedding day.  The beginning of cocktail hour is a great time to steal yourselves away to have a drink, a plate of appetizers and a kiss or high five celebrating that you two just said ‘I do.’ 

We think it is so important to have this because not only do you need to eat BUT you just got married to each other!  You deserve to take in the moment of promising your lives to each other just the two of you.  Our couples always find this to be the best time and honestly a relief from talking to everyone. 

Have a First Look with A Parent

A first look with a parent is one of our favorite moments during a wedding day. It is such a special moment between a parent and their child, not just the other way around. 

For many reasons, we suggest that you do a first look with a dad, mom or your siblings or grandparents and make sure your photo and video team capture it all.

We promise you are going to want to hold these photos close to your heart.

Photo: Michael and Kristin

Photo: Michael and Kristin

Have a Reception Room Reveal

Many times we’ve been planning with our couples, anywhere from a year to 2 years. Because there is just so much work that goes into the wedding design.

This is why we love adding in a room reveal just the two of you to see the room with everything set – before your guests have been invited to take their seats.

This is the moment where the whole vision comes together. This is when you can soak it all in, walk around, and sometimes squeal with excitement.  It takes 5 minutes, and it is such a special moment.  We even have couples who take that time to practice their first dance! 

Taking reaction pictures are moments you can go back on reflect on and reminisce on those feelings.

Photo: Caitlin Lisa

Photo: Caitlin Lisa

Photo: DabbleMeThis

Photo: DabbleMeThis

Pre-order Food for the Morning/Afternoon

It is so important that everyone taking part in the getting ready festivities eat breakfast and lunch!  The day is long and sometimes very hot and the last thing anyone wants is for someone to not feel well or worse yet, faint, on wedding day. – We’ve seen it all.

Energy and adrenaline run high on wedding day, so it is important to plan for eating (even something small) several times throughout the day.  We suggest pre ordering for delivery or picking up some items from the grocery store for everyone to snack on throughout your time together. 

We suggest having ti delivered so that your wedding party (and parents) can enjoying their time together rather than running in and out of the room to go get food.

We hope these ideas helped generate a few more ways to make your wedding day memorable!

Happy Planning, The Storybook Team

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