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Not Engaged Yet, but feel it coming? Here are five things to do Now.

If you’re reading this and you don’t have a ring on your finger yet, let me just say…you’re not alone. We’ve had many “almost fiancé’s” reach out to us to ask some questions before the day they’re proposed to.

Call it intuition, extreme excitement, anxiousness or a significant other that doesn’t quite know how to keep a surprise…a surprise, we want to let you know that it is totally okay to start acting like a fiancé…before it’s official.

Regardless of how you came upon this blog post, we will always remind you that it’s good to be ahead of the game! These are five things you should start doing now!

Start Following Inspiring Instagram Accounts

Instagram is one of the best tools to find wedding inspiration. You can find wedding vendors in your area by searching hashtags like #chicagoweddingplanner #weddingplanneraustin #chicagophotographer. Start following your favorites and liking, sharing and saving your favorite photos.

Want a head start? Here are some of our favorite inspirational vendors:

Following inspirational wedding vendors on instagram will not only give you a source for your design inspiration, but will also start leading you in the right direction of your overall wedding vision.

For example, it could help you hone in on which photographer styles you like and don’t like, who’s personalities you vibe with and insight into the people behind the instagram profile. All of this is super beneficial towards helping you source your perfect vendor team.

Start Pinning

You might be saying…

“Nicole… I had my wedding Pinterest board together way before I even met my future wife/husband”

Okay, fine! I get it. I did too.

But if you haven’t started your Pinterest board, now is the time to start pinning.

If you want a jump start on some inspiration, you can find our Pinterest board here!

Give us a follow! – we share new pictures and content weekly!

Storybook Wedddings and Events.png
If you’ve already gotten going on your Pinterest boards, now is the time to categorize and dive deeper. Because let’s just say…as soon as you start meeting with vendors, your Pinterest floodgates will open and you will be pinning non-stop. Better to get organized before it’s a mess and you cannot find that ONE PHOTO you needed to share with your florist.

The Planner in Us Says “It’s Never Too Soon to Start Planning!

Quick question… have you ever been late to a party?

You show up and see another guest take the last hors d’oeuvres from the tray so then you head over to the bar and they just ran out of champagne? – Yah…it’s not fun. And it can be a similar experience for some couples who wait too long to begin their wedding plans.

I’ll preface this advice with mentioning that if you are planning a two year engagement, there isn’t AS big of a rush. However, if you’re getting married in a big city like Chicago or Austin, venues and highly sought-after vendors tend to book up a year to a year in a half in advance. Personally, the furthest we’ve booked with a couple has been 2.5 years before the big day – so if it’s someone you HAVE TO HAVE, it’s never too early to start checking their calendar.

The brides and grooms that start doing wedding research before decision pressure from family and friends set in, have a much better time finding availability from the vendors and venues that they are most interested in.

Although I don’t technically recommend reaching out to vendors before you’re engaged (because let’s be honest… its a lot more exciting when you have that ring on your finger) it’s always good to start thinking about who you would like to contact once you’ve said ‘yes!”

Start Gathering Wedding Advice – Sign up for newsletters, read blogs and read books!

Now is the best time to start looking for guidance and wedding advice. Far too many times has a couple approached us looking for help after they’ve spent 50% of their budget on the venue and alcohol and still need to book one of the most expensive vendors….the caterer.

Before the excitement overwhelms you and you begin making spontaneous decisions, we highly recommend wrapping your head around the finer details of planning a wedding.

Sign up for newsletters (you can find ours here) from your favorite industry professionals and start reading blogs.

You’ll find really important information like:

  • What are the pros and cons of picking one venue over another?

  • How much does it “actually” cost to have a city wedding?

  • An, is buffet really more cost effective than a plated meal? – hint…it’s not.

One of our favorite resources for information that will take your eyes off the screen while doubling as pretty shelf decor is a good ol’ book. Looking to add some to your shelf or coffee table? Here are some of our favorites:

Austin Wedding Coordinator.png

Shop them here:

  1. Style Me Pretty Weddings: Inspiration and Ideas for an Unforgettable Wedding

  2. Martha Stewart Weddings: Ideas and Inspiration

  3. A Year in Flowers

  4. Vera Wang: On Weddings

  5. The Knot: Yours Truly

Keep Your Nails Fresh!

Lastly, we wouldn’t be a good friend if we didn’t remind you to keep those nails polished for that ring selfie right?

We cannot wait to hear the news when you make it official.

Photo of our couple Rachel and Danny taken by Bon Photage

Photo of our couple Rachel and Danny taken by Bon Photage

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Not engaged yet but know it’s coming? Here's what you should start doing now.

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