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AustIn Photographer Spotlight: Anastasia Strate Photography

Here at Storybook we do a lot of research when working in new destinations. We like to ensure that the vendors we are proposing to our couples are going to hit all the standards that we look for in a quality and professional wedding vendor.

It’s during this times of research that we come across tons of talent that we can’t help but share with all couples- those who are working with us and those who’ve decided to take a solo wedding planning journey.

Today we are sharing Anastasia Strate Photography. She is talented beyond believe and we are so honored to be featuring her today.

Enjoy our interview.

Storybook: Hi Anastasia! We’re so excited to meet you. Can you share a little about yourself with our couples?

Anastasia: Hey! I’m Anastasia a wedding and family photographer located in beautiful Austin, Texas. I love traveling and exploring new places, especially with my husband and our two adorable boys. We even once celebrated Christmas at TGI Fridays in Atlanta’s airport (it was pre-kids though).  If I’m not photographing I can be found in our garden, trying to grow veggies or watching a new show. If I wasn’t a photographer, I would be a movie producer. I just love a good movie! Call me crazy, but I actually don’t like coffee and always give a preference to a cup of mocha or tea. 

Storybook: How did you get started in photography? How many years have you been shooting weddings?

Anastasia: I always tell people that photography naturally happened for me. I didn’t plan to be a photographer growing up but it was something that I always enjoyed. I started doing photography full time about 5 years ago and it is something that brings me a lot of joy. I love to photograph people and capture their love stories. This is not something I take lightly and I am dedicated to offering unparalleled professional service and a stress-free process for my clients. 

Storybook: How would you describe your photography shooting and editing style?

Anastasia: I work with natural light and take a good mix of posed and documentary style photos that tell a story. I know these are moments my clients will cherish forever and I have dedicated my professional life to handling their story with care. I also shoot both medium formats: digital and film. I love the romantic nostalgia of film and I am happy that I can offer it to my clients. 

Storybook: Have you always been in Austin? What are some of your favorite places to photograph?

Anastasia: I started my photography business in Utah which is a magical place for a photographer to be. I loved that I had an opportunity to photograph engagement and bridal sessions in the mountains, at Salt Flats or at the Sand dunes. But one of my favorite places to photograph outside of Austin is Maui. It is just so pretty out there! 

Storybook: What do you love most about the wedding day?

Anastasia: I think one of my favorite things about a wedding day is to be a witness of all the positive emotions that are happening that day. It is truly a joy to see and document that special day for a couple and their families. My profession is truly so positive! I particularly love all the intimate moments between a bride and her parents. That’s why I’m always so excited to photograph father’s first look and a mother of a bride helping her daughter to get ready. 

Storybook: When booking a new couple, what do you like them to know about you and the way you work with couples?

Anastasia: I love capturing photos that replay my client’s magical day in a way that’s just like a movie. Where my couples can feel those same smiles, groom’s first glance at the bride’s beauty as he holds back those tears. The strength of the bride’s father as he walks her down the aisle. 

I create timeline images for those who believe there’s beauty in simplicity of each moment. As a wedding photographer, I will bear witness to a celebration that’s as unique and special as my client’s love story. And I’m truly honored by the opportunity to tell their story through heirloom images they will cherish for decades. 

Inquire with Anastasia at

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