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Express Your Originality With a Unique Music Idea!

We love sharing fun and creative ideas to bring to your wedding day. After all, a wedding is all about the couple! Today we welcome our friend, Steve Pederson, Classical Guitarist, Songwriter and Owner of Your Custom Love Song , to our blog to share a bit about his business and a peak inside of what he offers. We always say, the more you can stand out at your own wedding, the better! Thanks for the blog Steve!

It’s an exciting time! You’ve dated, and now you’re engaged. There’s been flowers and chocolates and all sorts of expressions of love. You’re finally getting ready for the big day. You want it to be just right and oh so special. This is where you hold nothing back.

As you make all the preparations for your wedding day, it all seems like a wonderful dream. You’ve envisioned this day for years and how magnificent it will be. There are so many people coming together to help you celebrate this grand event.

There is no doubt. If ever there was an occasion that you go all-out for, it’s your wedding day. What’s so great is that there are so many ways to make your special day unique. Now your celebration can be more of an expression of your individuality than ever before.

Of course, the music you choose for your wedding will set the tone for the whole event. As you carefully pick your songs, you are sure to select ones that mean a great deal to you both. You choose songs that will create just the right feeling for the moment.

It’s here that you have an opportunity to do something that is so over-the-top creative, unique and special that neither you nor your guests will ever forget it. It’s a unique music idea for expressing your originality that will most certainly make a lasting impression.

I’m talking about having your very own custom love song. Imagine: your story, your love and your commitment being expressed through the magic of music, melody and song lyrics. The emotional impact of a custom love song goes far deeper than any standard or top 40 hit. A custom love song says “Our love is truly one of a kind. It’s fresh.”

And, a custom love song will endure long past the magic of the wedding day. Having your own custom love song is like bottling up the magic of your special day and being able to open it and savor the memories any time you like. Having this unique gift of self-expression will be a continuous source of inspiration throughout your married life together, helping to build and strengthen your marriage.

What do you have to do? Not a whole lot. Just tell your story to a custom song writer, and they will turn it into a work of art – a masterpiece. Fortunately, we have the just the service for you. It’s called Your Custom Love Song, and can be found at and on Facebook at

-Steve Pederson, Your Custom Love Song

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