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A Big Thanks From Me to You

Although I feel that we should never stop finding things to appreciate in life, (I have two tattoos that express this actually!) I want to take today, being its Thanksgiving, to share with you a few people that I am thankful for this past year. – I have to limit myself or I will really go on forever!

Most importantly, I am thankful for YOU. Yes, YOU! Thank you for reading our blogs, thank you for visiting our site, thanks for keeping in touch and supporting this little business of mine. Myself, Lisa and Lindsay love what we do and we couldn’t do it without you! So again, thanks from the bottom of our hearts!

 I am thankful for my husband Nicholas. I met Nick three and a half years ago and let’s just say, I couldn’t be more grateful to have him in my life. I met him in good ol’ Disney World where we both worked for ‘The Walt Disney Company’.  He followed me back to my hometown of Chicago when I missed my family too much, listened to me vent, stress out and cry from my mistakes as a newbie in the event catering industry and supported and encouraged me when I took the plunge a year ago to begin my crazy Storybook dream. Being married to a boss lady is not the easiest thing.  I am sure of it. Being married to a boss lady who is currently 6 months pregnant, is most definitely, a lot more difficult! But he sticks by my side and always does it with a smile. Nicholas, I am thankful for you and love you tons!

I am thankful for my Storybook Side-Kicks, Lisa and Lindsay. These girls are amazing and crazy talented. I am so fortunate to call them my “co-planners” but even more fortunate to call them my friends.  From hearing out my ideas and usually giving me back better ones, to helping me get this business rolling while I still worked for another company;  they helped me make Storybook what it is today! Not to mention, they have planned and executed some gorgeous weddings over this past year! Thank you girls! You are honestly the BEST EVER!!! Thanks for going on this journey with me. I am so excited to see where all our hard work gets us!

To end my short but sweet note, I would like to thank my previous boss lady! I am thankful for Carlyn Berghoff! You are truly wonderful! This woman gave me her full attention and serious thoughts when I let her know that I would be leaving her fabulous catering company to pursue my dreams. Berghoff Catering & Restaurant Group was my first insight to the Chicago wedding industry and boy did I learn a lot! Along with that, it also drove my passion for becoming a planner. Without having Carlyn’s support over the last 10 months (from the moment I told her that I was going after my dream, to the last wedding I executed for them) she has been nothing but wonderful. Carlyn, thank you for the support.

Again, I could really go on forever; from my wonderful family to my loving pup Buster, to the wonderful vendors and new event pro friends that I have made over the years, and not to forget our amazing Storybook Couples, you really are so amazing to me! Thank you so much for everything!! Storybook wouldn’t be anything with out you!

Now, let’s get back to the yummy food, fireplace crackles and warm snuggly blankets. Have a beautiful day my loves. Happy Thanksgiving!

xoxo – Nicole

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