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Changing Your Last Name After Marriage

Good Morning Loves,

I thought that this topic would be perfect for my next blog as I am currently trying to finish…yes finish, changing my last name to my husband’s. To be quite honest, after launching this blog, I am headed BACK to the Social Security Office! – When will this be over!!!!  I wanted to share my journey thus far and tell you about an awesome new service that Lindsay came across that aids in this process (which I definitely should have done the first time around).

Let’s chat about the typical process: After your big day, the first thing that you will want to do is send in your marriage license, which has been signed off by your officiant/minister to the County Clerk in which you received it from. – Instructions are typically printed on the back of the certificate or on a document provided by your County Clerk. These instructions will also tell you how much the “service charge” is. Don’t forget to send that in as well. Please note, this will take a few weeks to process. Your next exciting day will come when you receive your Marriage License in the mail! Woohoo! Its official! – If you are planning on changing your name, you are now all set to go.

The next step in the process will be to visit your local Social Security Office. (FYI, you can do the process by mail, but usually the process is quicker if you just go in and get it done the same day rather than waiting for snail mail). Take a look at your nearest office and their hours of operation. Advice 101: Get there before they open the doors. My experience has always been waiting in a line outside even within 5 minutes after the doors open. Don’t forget to bring all required documentation.

If you have my experience, you will now sit and wait for you number to be called for two hours. Bring a book, bring your ipad or make sure your phone is fully charged…patience is key here. Once your number is called, you will meet a customer service rep whom will process the appropriate paperwork. Yay! All Done! The next step is to be patient again and wait for your new card to come in the mail. Only until after this can you go to the DMV, update your license and trickle it down from there (bank accounts, insurance, etc. etc.)

Now… on your receipt it will mention that it takes two weeks to receive your card. If you haven’t received it by those two weeks, give them a call. It has been four weeks for me. So yesterday, I called the main line and after 45 minutes on hold, I talked to a lovely lady who told me that she couldn’t do anything but provide me with another number to call. I call the number and am told that most likely it was lost in the mail and now I have to go back in and do the process over again. Yes my friends, another two hours in the lobby and another two weeks of waiting for the mail is in my immediate future.

With this on my mind, I share with you a service that could completely make things easier for you! Hitch Switch!!! Visit their website at It is such a great idea. They have several packages for you to choose from with associated pricing and makes the name changing process so simple. Whether you are looking for a bit of help or want them to take care of everything for you, they have it covered. Take a peak, let us know how it goes for you.

Well, I better wrap it up, as I have social security office sitting to do!! Hope you all have a lovely day!

Xoxo – Nicole

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