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A Page From Our Planner: Saving Money on Your Wedding Without Being Cheap!

Finding ways to save you money on your wedding is precisely what Wedding Planners do best! Which is why hiring a planner is such a great investment! We would like to share with you just a few of our tips and tricks to getting the most bang for your buck!

By making adjustments like the ideas offered below, it allows you to not only lower your overall wedding cost, but it can often allow you to splurge for those items that you have been dreaming about, such as flying in your favorite singer to perform your first dance song, or having the wedding dress of your dreams, etc.????

Cut signage costs by purchasing inexpensive Sharpie paint pens and create your own signs out of mirrors that you already own.  This is much more cost-effective than purchasing custom-made signs that you will most likely throw away after the wedding is over.  (Extra Tip!) To remove the paint from the mirror after the event, simply take a straight-edged razor (which you can purchase at your local hardware store), and scrape the paint away gently to avoid scratching the mirror.

Our Storybook Couple, Melanie and Dave, re-purposed their bridesmaid’s bouquets as centerpieces on their long kings table. Photo Credit: Artistrie Co. Photography

Cut your floral costs by using flowers from your wedding ceremony in the floral decor for your reception.  Also, your bridesmaid’s bouquets can be re-purposed as centerpieces as well!!

Cut cake costs by having a “faux” cake where only the top tier is edible to cut into for those classic photos you are desiring, and you can then provide sheet cake for the rest of your guests (Don’t worry, this cake will be in the back the whole time and will not be seen by guests. A Classic Wedding Magic Trick!).  If you are not a fan of cake but still want to offer desserts to your guests, you can create a “Sweets Table” with an assortment of candy or baked goods showcasing your wedding colors.

Cut linen costs by using standard classic linens and a nice table runner, versus having expensive, more decorative linens on each dinner table. Another alternative is to enhance your sweet heart table with a glamorous sequined linen but keeping your guests tables in standard classic, or alternating tables.

Source: Every Last Detail Blog

Cut liquor costs easily by offering just beer and wine to your guests.  For those groups who would scoff at the thought of no liquor, you can offer a couple of specialty cocktails that your guests can enjoy.  This adds personalization and a bit of intrigue to your event, while still limiting the types of liquor available.

Our Storybook Couple, Jess and Matt’s Signature Cocktail Sign. Photo Credit: Katie Pietrowski Photography

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cost cutting ideas. We hope this was helpful and got the wheels turning for lowering your wedding budget a bit, because we know very well that every bit helps!  Happy planning!

Love, the Storybook team

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