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Storybook Inspiration: Keeping Your Winter Wedding Cozy and Warm

When I think of winter, the first thing that comes to mind is keeping warm!! Along with the sparkling snow and white skies (which make for photo beautiful backdrops, by the way) it brings along chilly winds and bitter temps! These not so pretty things have me running to the fireplace or to the nearest stove top to mix up some frothy hot chocolate! Because of this, most couples decide to wait until it warms up to celebrate their marriage.

However, there is too much to love about winter and it is more than possible to make it a beautiful experience for your guests just as much as it will be for you two. With those thoughts in mind, we began thinking ways to keep your wedding cozy, welcoming and warm!

Let’s start with color palettes and not your traditional reds and greens! Why not bring your guests some subtle comfort with your colors? We love this color palette composed of soft browns, greys and a hint of blush and pale purple. It reminds us of fuzzy blankets!

Speaking of blankets…. Provide them for your guests! Whether you are getting married during the colder months in the south where you can still have an outdoor element or are celebrating in our home town of Chicago and have a few guests that may want to step outdoors for a quick break; providing your guests with a warm blanket or cozy scarf will throw their comfort level through the roof! I for sure have never complained about a nice knitted blanket, no matter the occasion. – Don’t forget about yourself either! Take a look at these adorable chair covers, who says you can’t snuggle up with your new honey during your reception?

One of the best parts of the colder season are all of the yummy beverages! I, for sure, have the perfect excuse for hot chocolate in the afternoon or hot apple cider first thing in the morning. Have you ever considered incorporating these warming elements into your event? Why not have a hot chocolate bar with fun toppings like marshmallow fluff and crushed candy canes or a copper urn of hot apple cider and cinnamon sticks – don’t forget the bourbon!

If you want to stick to a simple wedding cake for dessert and leave the hot chocolate for later, send your guests home with it. Have your caterer, wait at the door as your guests exit with a nice “to-go” mug filled with creamy sipping chocolate or put together favors so they can DIY it for the next morning.

It is entirely possible to make a winter wedding just as convenient as a summer one! Stay tuned to the Storybook blog as we will be sharing more of the logistical standpoints to winter weddings on our “A Page From Our Planner” Series!

Now don’t mind me as I shuffle off to the kitchen to stir up another batch of my favorite cocoa!

Stay Warm, Loves!

Nicole and the Storybook Team

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