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Eco-Friendly Wedding Details

A few days ago we shared some venues in the Chicago area that have taken the initiative to “go green”! Keeping that same train of thought, we wanted to provide you with some eco-friendly details to incorporate into your wedding.

Go Paperless When You Can 

When it comes to stationary, there are many cute websites with environmentally conscious ideas. is a great site that allows you to spread the word online about your big day! This is a fun way to share your “Save the Date”!

Information that would normally be left in your guests’ hotel rooms (i.e. your wedding weekend itinerary, maps and directions) can just as easily be turned into a website. This is also a great way to keep your wedding information in your guest’s pockets as most DIY websites are mobile friendly. is an easy option. It has beautiful templates that are effortless to manage and allow your guests to have fun while learning about you, your fiancé and the details about your big day! 


If you would rather use paper for your invitations, try to use recycled paper.  Even better, there are now companies such as who produce seeded paper, meaning when you plant the paper, flowers grow

Give Back to Nature

When thinking of favors, another great use of seeds can be asking your guests to toss lavender seeds or birdseed instead of confetti.  You can also give favors of homemade bird feeders or packets of seeds for you’re your guests to take home and plant.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Try to use local markets and local distributors for your food and beverage versus bringing in imported beer, wine, and food.  Another great idea is to utilize decorative tables made from natural or vintage wood instead using tables that require linen. The amount of linen that is ordered for an average wedding is incredible and requires lots of washing! Natural and rustic tables can also be very beautiful, and create a unique and vintage feel. However, if you are unable to find decorative plain tables for your reception, burlap is a plant based textile that can be used for table runners and is very shabby-chic.


Take “Something Borrowed” to a whole new level!  We suggest visiting your local thrift stores for mirrors, picture frames, old books, vases and any other cool antiques to re-use for your tablescapes and decor.  Mason jars can be used to hold flowers, and used fruit crates can hold larger plants, guest favors, act as a card box, etc.  

Old window panes or chalkboards can be used for signage, and you can then donate all of these items post-wedding!  

Not only does “Going Green” for your wedding benefit the Earth, it sets a great example and also sets a tone for your next chapter in life as a newlywed couple.  It is not for everyone, but we hope that we have inspired you to consider Green options… protecting the Earth never hurts!

Happy Planning!

-Storybook Chicago

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