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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

April isn’t the only month with rain showers and boy, have we seen it come down these last few days!  If only there were a secret to wishing away the rain clouds! Although not ideal, don’t let rain get in the way of the happiness and hard work of planning your big day! Here’s how to deal with rain on your Wedding day.

Look for a Venue with Indoor Space: While outdoor weddings can be romantic and memorable, the beauty of nature can quickly turn into discomfort if poor weather conditions ensue.  Having an indoor backup location for both your ceremony and reception is hands-down the best option in the event of inclement weather.  The good news is that most venues offer some great outdoor options for your event but alternatively have indoor rooms for last minute location changes if weather becomes an issue.

Rent a tent:  If you are determined to be “one with nature” as you and your significant other also “become one,” a tent can be a great option depending on the time of year and your location.  Clear tents have become very popular, as they allow you to visually embrace your environment without having to actually be fully outdoors. Some tent rental companies allow you to place a hold on a tent with a 24 hour cancellation notice. We say that it’s ALWAYS better to be over prepared. Even if the tent rental company has a partial charge for cancellations, this backup option can be worth it to have!

Have a decision/call time set for the rain plan: The earlier the decision is made to move indoors, the easier it is for your venue managers and vendors to set up your ceremony and reception space.  Discuss the decision with your fiancé, but also trust your vendors, as they are professionals and know how to work with the local weather forecasts.  In most instances, light rain can be manageable, however keep in mind that the DJ and/or musicians need to make sure that their equipment and instruments are protected.

Umbrella power:  Heavy rain may not always be in the forecast, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t encounter sun showers or light drizzles. Umbrellas are not as expensive as tent rental and can be used in instances of light rain.  Umbrellas can be cute and practical favor items for your guests as well.  And if it happens to not rain, they can be used to block your guests from the sun! WIN, WIN! We suggest designating additional umbrellas for the wedding party to hold over you and the officiant and designating someone to hold your beautiful dress for you while you walk.  Use of umbrellas (and rain boots!) can also create adorable photos, an added bonus!

Be as comfortable as you can:  If the ceremony and/or reception is outdoors and un-tented, be sure to have towels handy to wipe off any rain from the seats before guests are seated. This is something that your wedding planner and their assistants can take care of!  Also, a sheet can be useful to have for the bride to stand on during the vows, as we all know that white attire does not bode well with mud.  And don’t forget to have a small can of hairspray for any fly-aways which often occur in humid and wet weather.  For added warmth and comfort you can set out baskets of cozy blankets for those who opt to use them!

While rain can be uncomfortable for some, if you manage the environment properly a rainy day can be romantic and cozy.  Now who is ready to curl up with a book right now?! (See what we did there, with the “book” tie-in??) 🙂 

Happy planning! 

– Storybook Chicago

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