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Fun with Photos!

May was National Photo Month, so we thought we would share with you different ways to incorporate photography into your event, in addition to hiring a professional photographer. 

Photo booths are always a fun option because guests can have their picture taken without anyone watching, and pictures are printed immediately, with the ability to take copies home.  A fantastic photo booth company to work with in Chicago is The Traveling Photo Booth. Their booths are smaller in size and can therefore be transported very easily to almost any location where electricity is available.  Another great Chicago company is Fotio, “a photo booth without the booth,” who lets you be in control of taking your own photos. Instead of print outs, there is a rolling slideshow for guests to see.  Not only do they provide fun props, but their photos are taken in black and white and come out super clear, creating an “editorial magazine feel”, making everyone look like a celebrity! All of the photos are uploaded to Facebook allowing you to tag share your photos with others.

Feeling Creative? Make a “Do-It-Yourself” photo booth! With a little bit of time and effort, you can create a one of a kind and personalized backdrop. Creating your own backdrop can also be very cost effective.  You can make your own frame and/or backdrop, and design your own props using construction paper, glitter, feathers, etc.  Gathering interesting accessories such as hats, boas, gloves, glasses and funky jewelry can make for some funny pictures.  Simply place a digital camera out, as well as a sign inviting your guests to take pictures of themselves as they please. You can later email pictures to your guests, or share them online.  

Another very fun way to engage your attending guests is to set out disposable cameras for them to use. Just make sure to place a sign nearby requesting them to leave the cameras behind when they depart.  You can then develop the pictures when your event is over, which is something to look forward to!  While it is possible that a lot of the pictures taken may not be the best of quality, it is always a fun to see what images people captured, and you may be surprised at some of the shots!  There are also disposable Polaroid cameras that are out now.  With Polaroids, photos can be easily and quickly placed into a photo album for you to take home in remembrance of your event, and guests can also take pictures home with them as a souvenir!

Lastly, we have come across a fun, unique, and new photography novelty item that is a photo “flip book,” made by a local company called AMJ Spectacular Events. The flip books create a moving picture (how fun!) and they are something different to offer to your guests, as they are not seen too often at events!

Whether you stick with the professionals or use a DIY approach to your photography, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  Bottom line: photos are a fantastic way to keep your memories alive!  

Happy Planning!

-Storybook Chicago

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