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Wedding Ring Insurance: 101

This topic hits a little too close to home. You may or may not know, but I am actually getting married in just a few short weeks! I don’t think I could be more excited! I find so much joy celebrating with my storybook couples and now it’s time for me to celebrate with my fiancé and loved ones! July 17th, we cannot wait for you!

With all of the hype and excitement, it just seemed natural to run into a hiccup…. but this one was just awful! With two months to go, I lost my engagement ring. As a planner, I am sure that you would have expected me to have purchased Ring Insurance immediately after my engagement, but… being human, I had made excuse after excuse on why the insurance should be placed on hold.

My fiancé, Nicholas, and I got engaged in April of 2014. We had shopped for the ring together and decided, with financial goals in mind, we would get a smaller ring and upgrade on our five year anniversary. I had put into my head that I would be okay without the insurance as we would be turning the center stone into a pendant when we upgraded just a few short years down the road.

The first year went wonderfully. It was on my hand at all times. And then just two months before our big day, I went to put lotion on my hands and my heart sank. My ring. It was gone. I had been at home all day besides the occasional walks with my dog. There was no way that it could have gone far. However, to make matters worse, we were moving from one apartment to another so the house had boxes and items all over.

As you could imagine, after tearing the house apart, I called my fiancé to share the dreaded news. He helped calm me down and assumed that I was just so overwhelmed with the thought of losing it that I may just be blind to it in its usual locations. After hours of searching in the home, the final move of boxes, and the return our apartment keys… I had to accept the news. My ring was gone.

We purchased a new ring since then and along with that ring, we purchased insurance. It doesn’t matter if your ring costs, $400.00 or $4,000. When something so sentimental is lost; the small insurance payment doesn’t seem too bad after all.

One of the easiest ways for you to insure your ring is to add it on to your homeowners or renters insurance. However, there are jewelry companies that offer the insurance as well. Another smart way to keep that ring in your possession is to have a dedicated area, jar, box or place to keep your rings whenever they are off of your finger. Check out this great necklace that will keep your ring close to you if you ever need to take if off outside of your house! We need one of these! Get yours from Alora Locks on Etsy. Link below!

Thank you all for listening to my story. If you haven’t insured your ring just yet, I hope it has inspired you to do so.

All the best,

Nicole Hensley

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