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Brooches, Beads, Baubles and Bulbs!

Brooches, Beads, Baubles and Bulbs: Using ordinary items to create beautiful Wedding Day décor.

Brooches:  Whether you use brooches that have been passed down to you within your family, or if you simply went to an art or jewelry store and picked out some pieces, brooches can be incorporated into almost any aspect of décor to add a hint of romance.  We have seen an entire wedding bouquet made of brooches, as well as just one or two added to a bouquet.  You can have brooches added to your wedding cake, used on your napkins or linens, and also added into your flower arrangements for added bling. 

Beads:  You can go grand and string beads above your guests, or even string beads in entryways to create a drape.  You can also hang beads in tree branches, add them to your taller flower arrangements, or drape them on chairs to create a vintage, dreamy look.Pearls tend to give a more classic look, and sparkly beads can create a fun party environment.  In addition to stringing and draping, placing beads inside vases and candle holders offers a very subtle classic and feminine touch.

Baubles:  Also known as ornaments, they can be placed inside vases on tabletops to add color and exciting “texture.”  Especially if your wedding is held during the Holiday season, you can use ornaments as escort cards or guest favors, which guests can keep as a keepsake from you big day.

Bulbs:There is something fun about using bulbs in ways that they are not typically intended for.  If you are going for an industrial look, or have a strong affinity for reading, large light bulbs can be hung not just for functionality, but as a nod to the belief that “knowledge is power.”  You can also use empty bulbs to hold various items such as flowers or glitter, or to showcase something more personalized to you and your fiancé.

You can make your wedding day a whimsical event, or a fun fiesta!  It’s the little decor details that create a unique and memorable day!

Happy Planning!

-Storybook Chicago

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