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Photography Shot Lists

One of the best parts of getting married is looking through your wedding photos once the day has passed. Although it is an exciting time, we have heard stories from couples who realized that they forgot to take photos with certain family members or friends. To avoid this, we suggest putting together a shot list for your photographer.

Waiting until the day of to decide who you would like photos with, can leave you feeling scattered and stressed. “Winging it” just won’t cut it. In the midst of the excitement, we can all end up forgetting a combination of people we wanted pictures with and sometimes we miss people all together.  Besides the fact that a shot list will ensure that you get all of the pictures that you want, it will also make the process of taking photos shorter, stress-free, and much more organized.   

Our favorite way to do this list is to ask our couples to sit down together and write out all of the combinations of people that they want to have pictures with while looking at the guest list.  We would even extend that invitation to parents to see if they have any specific desires. This will make everyone happy and ensures that last minute photos are not added the day of.  Then try to arrange the shots in a way to group people together who are in a string of photos, so they feel like the process is going as quickly as possible. This will keep things moving along smoothly, and everyone will be appreciative! Especially the photographer!

We cannot suggest enough the importance of a photo shot list. It doesn’t take a long time to create and can save you so much time on the day of your wedding so that you can spend less time posing and spend more time celebrating!

As always…Happy Planning,

Storybook Chicago

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