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Brunch Celebrations: It’s Fun to Celebrate Early…and by “Early” we mean “Brunch-Style”

Due to common work schedules, most celebrations are commonly held during the evening. However, a fun way to switch things up is to throw a brunch celebration on the weekend!  Whether it is for a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, or “just because”, throwing a party during the daytime not only creates a fun change of pace, but sometimes it can be more cost-effective because venues and vendors may be able to lower their rates.  Some vendors can get away with offering you these lower prices because they are able to keep their evening open for another potential event. If that isn’t reason enough, below are a few more to get you up and at ’em and ready to party!

“Because, bubbles”: Everyone can agree that when you think of celebrating, champagne is usually involved!  Whether it’s actual champagne or sparkling wine or fruit juice, there is just something exciting about popping open a bottle of bubbly.  A fun and inexpensive way to host your guests is to offer a Mimosa bar.  You can set out an assortment of juices and berries, making the brunch spread look inviting and refreshing.  The advantage of self-serve Mimosas is that they are so easy to make; you just put a bit of juice in the glass, add the bubbly, and voila! You’ve got an extra-tasty beverage!

Other Beverage Bars: If you feel that your guests are the type that could stand to use a little “hair of the dog,” you could also add an interactive Bloody Mary bar!  And for those guests who do not wish to have alcohol, they can still partake in the Bloody Mary bar by creating their own unique, non-alcoholic enhanced tomato juices.

Be unconventional: At a brunch celebration, serving an unconventional dessert such as a donut tower, a stack of pancakes, or a stack of waffles is a fun way to replace the traditional cake that is served at most evening celebrations.  Not only are those options delicious, but they can be visually eye-catching, and again, something different and out of the norm for your guests to enjoy!

Incorporate elements of your daily morning routine: Stationary can be made to look like the local newspaper, including your invitations, programs, food menus, and additional signage.  If you are a fan of tea, beautiful doilies, vintage teapots and saucers can be used on the tabletops.  You can easily place candles into vintage teacups to add a touch of delicacy to the ambiance.  And if you are a coffee lover, miniature coffees can be served upon guest arrival, and you can incorporate coffee beans into your décor insimple ways like placing unique coffee bags as well as coffee beans in containers for table arrangements.  For a guest favor, you can give personalized items such as a coffee mug or slippers, or even robes for your guests to wear if you really want them to feel cozy!

It’s time to rise and shine and start planning!  Have fun!

-Storybook Chicago

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