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A Page From Our Storybook Blog Series – Page One

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

Like most, as I approach the end of every year, I take a reflection upon myself and cherish the growths and accomplishments of the last 12 months and begin creating a list of things that I want to improve on, along with new goals for the coming year. With that being said, it’s been some time since I wrote a personal blog and I have officially vowed it to myself that it’s something that I want to be better at moving forward.

I am a lover of blogs and have gained a lot of inspiration from fellow bloggers. Two of my favorite bloggers are Kat of Dear Sweetheart Events and Michelle of One Sweet Day in May. Not only are they wonderful women who are also Boss Ladies like myself, but they are part of another community that I strive and am proud to be a part of. They are motivators, go-getters, visionaries and lovers of helping one another achieve their dreams.

This week I was offered the opportunity to speak at my old jr. high stomping grounds. I graciously accepted and am now in the process of creating my presentation for their “Scholars Program”. The students in this program are learning leadership skills along with a variety of other teachings to excel them toward a successful career.

The most exciting part of being able to present to this class is that I will finally be able to share my success in going after goals and dreams to a larger group of people at one time and this will hopefully motivate a handful of them to do that as well. I have been chasing my dreams since I was in my early teens, being taught by my grandparents that anything is possible but you have to work for it. Whether it means staying up all night typing on the computer, skipping out on drinks with friends or dedicating your weekend to planning ahead, it truly takes everything you have got to get to where you want to be.

With that, I have decided to start #apagefromourstorybook blog series. I want to use this series to motivate, to answer questions on how to keep pushing when you feel like you have reached your limit, to tell stories of successes and set-backs, as well as share our daily journey through personal growth and experiences. In order to stay motivated, we sometimes need to grasp it from one another.  Keep those dreams alive, my loves!



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