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13 Unlucky Beauty Disasters and How We Solve Them

Bridal Beauty Disasters

Bridal Beauty Disasters

Thirteen Unlucky Bridal Beauty Disasters – and How we Solve Them

We have discussed the importance of having an emergency bridal kit prepared for your Wedding day .  In the event that you don’t have one, though, here are some “hacks” that are useful to have in your back pocket.

Red wine spills on your dress:

Placing a tablespoon of salt immediately onto the stain will help draw out a good amount of the wine.

You can also treat the spill with soda water.  The key is to dab not rub.   Once it dries, you can rub a piece of chalk (which hopefully your wedding planner in their emergency bridal kit) to try to cover the spot.  Of course dry clean your dress as soon as possible to prevent major permanent staining.

Red wine stains on your mouth and teeth:

Making a scrub out of sugar can help slough off any dead skin from your lips.  To help quickly clean teeth, sucking on a lemon wedge can help remove any red wine stains.  Sidenote: lemons can also be handy for any unwanted and unexpected bad coffee breath!

An awesome product that we’ve discovered is Wine Wipes!

Ask your MOH (and Best Man!) to have tissues handy.

Runny noses resulting from crying can be quite distracting.  And tears can sometimes create redness of the skin and eye area.  Have a handkerchief or travel tissue pack close by to wipe them away quickly.For brides whose mascara is running, Aquaphor is a great product that can easily wipe away any stray makeup.  Q-tips can give you precision while cleaning and removing makeup directly under the eye.

Puffy eyes in the morning:

Place two spoons in the freezer for a few seconds and then hold onto eyes, the rounded side against the lids.  If you don’t have spoons handy, you can also use ice cubes wrapped in paper towels or cloth. Detoxifying lemon water also helps.

Tame your veil with veil weights

True, your stunning veil blowing in the wind can be a beautiful photo opportunity, however an unmanageable veil can be quite aggravating when trying to take those still portrait shots. has some excellent ones here.

Check out our blog on Veil Lengths

Have your bra or cups sewn into your dress.

Not only does this avoid the risk of forgetting to pack your strapless bra, but sewing your cups or bra into your dress prevents them slipping out throughout the day.  You definitely don’t want the annoying distraction of tugging at your gown all day, hoping that it doesn’t peek out. Cristina DeMarco from Bridal Selections Salon recommends using a long-line bra, which is “A bra that extends from your breasts to your waistline, almost like a corset. It accentuates your waist, smooths out your lines, and supports your back—remember, you’re going to be on your feet for hours.”

Pashminas can be your best friend

If the weather is unexpectedly cool, and if a bridesmaid’s cleavage is too distasteful, a pashmina wrap or shawl can be a fashionable accessory.  And heaven forbid you have a wardrobe malfunction so bad that your dress will not close, and when safety pins and sewing kits cannot fix the problem, having a pashmina handy can be a lifesaver.

Break in your shoes days before your big day.

An easy way to stretch your shoes is placing them under a blow dryer, then wearing them around the house wearing socks.  Once they cool they should remain stretched, but it’s advised to do this a few times to ensure that they stay stretched.

If your shoes are slippery, rubbing sandpaper on the soles will help.  This trick can be used by grooms, as well!

If you want to wear stilettos in the grass, heel protectors can save the day (and your heels!)

Not only do you want to save your dignity and not stumble down the aisle, or get your shoes caught while walking in the grass, but you also want to save your shoes and be able to wear them for photos, and possibly during your reception if you can last in them that long.  Heel protectors widen the base of your heel making it easier to walk.  Why didn’t we think of this amazing invention!? 

Static cling.

Rub a metal hanger on the outside and inside of your wedding dress.  Metal discharges the electrical build-up in your clothes.  Dryer sheets can also be used.

Moisturize your skin with lotion to remove dryness that attracts static cling.

Spray hairspray on your gown.  It is formulated to combat static in your hair, but it can also be used against static in your attire, if needed.

Surprise pimples.

Of course you should conceal any surprise pop-ups as much as possible, but if you have time before applying makeup, applying toothpaste or Visine to the pimple can be great for a quick-fix treatment.

Now of course we hope that you won’t have to use any of these hacks, but if so, we are happy to help make your wedding day go more smoothly!



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