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Wedding Destination Cities in the World – Paris, France Wedding


Wedding Destination Cities in the World – Paris, France

As a world traveler I thought it would be fun to explore the options of the Top 10 wedding destination cities in the world.  At first thought, these places seem a perfect place to say “I do,” and they can be! However getting married in a foreign country can have its challenges.

Through my next blog series, I want to show you some of my favorite wedding cities and dive deep into how we to plan your ceremony and options for reception venues. We will dive into personal experiences as well as help you anticipate some of the legal differences between the systems. Working with a planner who has navigated different countries’ legal systems, budget expectations and cultural beauty can help you design the wedding of your dreams.

So grab your passports and a glass of wine as I take you on a journey to some of the most incredible wedding destinations in the world.

Ceremonies in Paris, France

Paris is considered to be one of the most romantic cities in the world.  Naturally, it is a top request as a destination wedding location.  With its picturesque parks, century’s old architecture, and charming street life, brides and grooms cannot help but feel the love.

Legality: As an American interested in getting married in Paris, there are several important things to note before deciding if this is truly what you want. You must be married in the United States in order for the marriage to be recognized legally. (Unless one of you is a French citizen).  Keep in mind, although one of you may be a EU citizen, you would still have to go through a lengthy legal process and a significant amount of paperwork for the marriage be recognized in Europe if you reside in the United States.

Religion: Whether you are Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, non-religious etc.  there are several options for you to still get married within that religion. But keep in mind that language may be tricky.  There are a few English speaking places of worship that you can look to if that is what you are desiring. It is also important to note that some churches have VERY strict rules about photography in the church.  In some cases it will not be allowed at all and in others there may be no photography during the ceremony, but you can take pictures in the church after the religious part of the service.

The Catholic Church

You must have a civil ceremony in the U.S. before being married in a French Catholic church.  Even then, there is only one church in the city that performs mass in English. St Joseph’s. This doesn’t mean that you cannot get married in another Catholic church in the city. However, if you are wanting the ceremony in English you will have to have your priest ask the parishioners. They will clarify if they may co-officiate in your native tongue. Keep in mind that the Parisian priest has the right say no.

The Protestant Church

If you are looking for a protestant wedding ceremony to be performed there are some English speaking churches within Paris. The Scots Kirk, St George’s Anglican Church, The American Church in Paris, The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, and St Michael’s are the best known protestant, English speaking churches in the area.

Jewish Weddings

Having a Jewish ceremony location is a bit easier in terms of the language barrier. Hebrew is a large part of the ceremony traditions in Paris.  You can have an English speaking Rabbi from your home Synagogue perform the ceremony with the French Synagogues blessing.  Most of the time if you have your own Rabbi attend, the synagogue will have someone from their staff take part in the ceremony as well. Synagogue des Tournelle, Grande Synagogue des Paris, and Synagogue de Nazereth are the largest and most famous of the synagogues in the area.

Symbolic Ceremonies

There are not nearly the same amount of challenges involved with a symbolic ceremony.  However, you will find challenges! There are several places around Paris where ceremonies cannot take place. These places include the top of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame or the top of the Arc des Triumph.  But don’t you worry! There are incredible spots all over the city that can be perfect for an intimate exchanging of vows.

Check our our next blog coming soon on our favorite reception venues in Paris!

Did you hear? We are expanding our services internationally! Inquire with us today to receive more information!

Happy Planning


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