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A Page From Our Planner: Discovering Wedding Traditions in Istanbul, Turkey

As you may have gathered from our Instagram, Storybook Planner Lisa Jaroscak is our world traveler! She always comes across exciting things while visiting new countries and wanted to share an interesting tradition from her latest adventure!

Wedding planning is something that I absolutely LOVE doing.  If it has taught me anything, it is that you can find inspiration everywhere!  I have found myself paying extra attention to detail and taking time to smell the roses so much more in life since getting into weddings. 

Besides planning weddings for beautiful couples, I have always enjoyed traveling and going on adventures.  In November of 2015 I traveled to Istanbul to explore.  Learning about different cultures has always fascinated me, and this trip was no exception to the rule.  Istanbul has the largest covered market in the world, The Grand Bazaar, and I was lucky enough to venture into this famous and epic shopping experience. 

Turks are known for beautiful rugs, tea, spices, ceramics, Turkish delight, and coffee, which was abundant as I explored the many winding streets of the bazaar.  My traveling philosophy is different than many, but I love to  wander with no plan and stumble into “hole in the wall” places or find experiences that aren’t perhaps noted on ‘Travelocity’ or tour travel guide books.  

While in the bazaar, fate helped me stumble upon the wedding gown district and I had the opportunity to gaze upon some gorgeous dress shops and learn a lot about some cultural traditions. Istanbul is a melting pot of cultures, customs, and religions because of its geographical location as a gateway between the Middle East and Europe. I saw so many different types of gowns, but the process of getting your dress was absolutely fascinating to me. 

Within the bazaar you choose the bodice of your dress. You pass shops with huge window displays of only bodices for as far as you can see.  I was intrigued by this, so I decided to walk in to one of the shops to see what else was inside and inquire with the shopkeepers about the bodices.  A beautiful Turkish woman explained to me that the bodice of the dress was meant to be the most intricate part because it was the protector of the heart. It is incredibly important that the bride picks the bodice that she feels drawn to the most. 

The skirt is then custom built for a bride, and is symbolic of the type of personality that the bride has. Many times Turkish weddings are multiple days, and they require several dresses, so sometimes they will have multiple skirts that can attach and detach from the chosen bodice.  They also can incorporate elements like sleeves that can help transform the dress. 

The experience was incredible and I am so glad that I accidentally wandered down wedding row of the Grand Bazaar.  It definitely inspired me and made me aware of the amazing and sincere traditions that other countries hold dear to their heart! 

Happy Planning!

xoxo, Lisa

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