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Geode Décor Inspiration for your Wedding Day!


Geode Wedding Decor

Geode Wedding Decor

Decor that Rocks! Geode Decor Inspiration for Your Wedding Day

Geode Wedding Decor. Whether you are an avid fan of Geology, like to respect and connect with the earth, or simply like pretty and sparkly things, incorporating Geodes, gemstones and crystals into your Wedding décor is worth considering! From stationery and linens to bridal accessories, the opportunities to incorporate elements of the Earth are endless.

Geode, Greek for “earth-like,” is the small cavity found in rocks that are lined with crystals or other mineral matter.  It is believed that certain types of crystals emit different types of energies, which can be used to enhance the quality of life in various ways.  For example, Rose quartz is thought of as the stone of “unconditional love and all matters of the heart,” noted on’s blog.


Geode Wedding Decor

We have seen beautiful calligraphy written on a smooth type of microcrystalline quartz called Agate.  These beautiful pieces can easily be used as table numbers, escort/name cards, and as decorative guest favors.  As lovers of all things sparkly, though, Geodes still “take the cake” for us.

Speaking of cake, a fabulous trend that are seeing more of is having cakes that have geodes place into them, or sugar crystals to create the look of a geode.!  You can also have cupcakes and cookies decorated with large pieces of sugar to resemble Geodes.


Crystals and Energy

For those that believe, a great way to have your guests participate in your big day and support you as a newlywed couple is through using crystal energy.  You can provide a communal container such as a jar or a bowl.  You can then have a crystal of some kind placed at each guest’s place-setting, or placed in a designated area for guest favors.


Whether you want your guests to all have the same type of stone or crystal is up to you. If you wish to forego written “instructions,” we suggest having someone explain the symbolism of the stones to your guests during a toast or speech.  You could also have your MC explain, however more guests are likely to participate if you express the meaning, yourself.

When the guests place their stone into the jar, they can place their well-wishes for you onto the stone, therefore passing them on to you. Once your wedding day is over, you can then place the crystals in the center of your home. In doing so, some feel that it radiates this tremendous amount of captured love provided by your family and friends.


Incorporating crystals into your bridal attire and wedding décor is definitely a cost-effective and unique way to enhance both the aesthetic and energy of your big day.  We hope that we have left you feeling energized and inspired!

Interested in seeing more geode inspiration? Check out our pinterest page here with ideas!

Happy Planning!

– Lindsay Gaeta

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