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Happy New Year from Storybook Weddings & Events

Happy New Year from Storybook Weddings & Events

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Happy New Year From Storybook Weddings & Events

Happy New Year from Storybook Weddings and Events! I like to take time at the end of each year to reflect. The year 2014 was full of amazing events and personal life changes! First of all, we were honored to be a part of your celebrations and memories. Secondly, we are grateful to be a part of your exciting planning process. Thank you for allowing us to share your memories with you!

I want to express how grateful I am to my family and fiancé for their support. As many of my industry friends understand, supporting events for our couples and clients require us to work on weekends. Therefore, many times we are unable to attend some our own families’ big moments. Again, thank you so much to everyone in my life for understanding the demands of my career

.Next year is already filling up with more exciting changes. We cannot wait to share them and spend them with you.

Thank you all for a great 2014 and “Cheers!” to the New Year! I cannot wait to see how the planning and hard work of all my couples will come together.

As always, if you ever have questions for me or need to reach out. Please feel free to email me at look forward to meeting you and hearing your story.

Happy New Year!

-Nicole Hensley

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