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A Page From Our Planner: How to Create a Kid-Friendly Space at Your Wedding Reception

Deciding to invite or not invite children to the wedding reception is always a hot topic for our couples. One of the main concerns is keeping them busy and happy while the adults celebrate. Today we would like to share with you some of our best ideas for creating that kid-friendly space.

Section off a “No Adults Allowed” corner or room. Make it a FUN space for them. Receptions can be intimidating for children because it is such an adult environment. Allowing them to have their own area can help them feel more comfortable and can encourage them to want to hang out in their own space.  Additionally, creating an area for the children to sit together at a wedding reception is a great way to keep them occupied, as they can easily entertain each other.  Having this space provides an area where they can get to know each other and play with each other, which in-turn allows Mom and Dad to focus on enjoying their time at the wedding.  

Create a children’s activity pack.  Depending on how many kids you have attending, as well as your wedding budget, you can create one pack for the group or a pack for each child attending.  You can include small toys, coloring and activity books, delicious treats, and crayons.  Given the right crowd, you could even include custom-made temporary tattoos.  One of our favorite items to give to each child is a disposable camera (imagine the hilarious photos you will get after developing!).

Use craft paper table cloths instead of linens for the tabletops.  Providing the children with crayons can create a fun activity for them!  Using paper table cloths also prevents any big issues if there is a spill, and it helps make an easy clean up at the end of the evening.

Hire a babysitter to watch the kids, and have them help the children with an arts & crafts project.  You can also hire a professional balloon artist, face painter, and/or a character actor to entertain the kids!

Whether you want to create a fun kid’s only table or hire a babysitter to watch the children a nearby room, the options and activities are endless when it comes to making your reception that much more kid-friendly. Again, it is your choice on extending the invites to those little ones, but in the case you do, take assurance in knowing that it will never take away from your special moment.

Happy Planning! 

XOXO, Lisa

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