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The Who, What, Where, When, Why…. And How’s of Wedding Hashtags


The Who, What, When, Where & Why of Wedding Hashtags

Today we bring you one of our most favorite and fun topics! Coming up with your wedding hashtags! We break it down below!

The Who ( on wedding hashtags ):

Wedding hashtags are used mainly by your friends and family attending the Wedding Day activities as you, the engaged couple being celebrated, will be way too #busy to tag photos, let alone even thinking of taking pictures.

The What ( on wedding hashtags ):

A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#). They are used to identify and categorize messages and photos regarding a specific topic.  Hashtags can include numbers and letters, but no other special characters besides an underscore “_”. In 1978 the # sign was used to create special keywords in the “C” computer programming language.  It wasn’t until 2007 that using hashtags became an everyday norm after developer, Chris Messina suggested using the # on Twitter. It’s popularity quickly moved to Facebook and Instagram, as well. 

The Where ( on wedding hashtags ): 

The most popular locations that we see for displaying wedding hashtags are on the Wedding Welcome sign, as well as on a sign placed on the gift table (which is often located near the Welcome sign, anyways).  Also, smaller signs can be easily placed in the bar areas.  Both the entrance area and the bar areas are most likely to be spotted easily by the majority of your guests.

The When ( on wedding hashtags ):

The sooner that you and your fiancé can come up with a wedding hashtag, the better!  This will allow you and your family and friends to begin tagging photos for any and all wedding-related activities.  If you can get your hashtag added to your Save the Date and/or wedding website, even better! The most popular time (besides on the wedding day) to use your wedding hashtag is at the bachelor and bachelorette party… just be careful about what content you choose to share with the public!

The Why ( on wedding hashtags ):

Think of hashtags as a way to keep track of your memories, like a bookmark of-sorts.  Using hashtags for your photos and social media posts makes it easy to keep track of everything.  Instead of passing out disposable cameras to your guests to document their experience on your wedding day (like we did circa 1990), they can take pictures on their own devices and share them easily with you.

The How ( on wedding hashtags ) :

How do you create a fun, unique and memorable hashtag for your Wedding?  We suggest starting with your names, and ideally creating a blended name (think “Bennifer” from when Ben Afleck and Jennifer Lopez were dating) or even more fun is creating a pun out of your names.  Nicknames are also helpful as long as they are appropriate! You can also work off of your wedding date and your wedding location where your wedding will be held.  And before sharing your hashtag, make sure to check to see if it is already being used!  Hashtags become pointless if they are common and already used by a large group of people.  The more specific that your hashtag is, the better!

Have fun playing around with this!



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