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Your future is so bright…. And here are 5 ways to show it at your event!

wedding lighting

wedding lighting

5 Ways to Use Lighting at a Wedding

Custom Sunglasses:

The obvious choice when you hear “your future is so bright…” is ….”you have to wear shades.”  But, we admit that having sunglasses custom-made to have your names, wedding date, nicknames, etc on them is pretty fun.  And useful!  You can make them for just your VPs of the company for a corporate event, or just for the bridal party for a wedding…. or, you can have them as favors for all of your guests!  If they are for an outdoor wedding ceremony or event, your guests will greatly appreciate them!

LED and Neon Signs:

Move over, chalkboards!  There’s a new trend in town: neon signs.  Having a neon sign is the perfect way to make a statement and also spruce up a space, if needed!  Our friends at Name Glo (hyperlink: have custom signs starting at $750 and average about $2,000 for the larger signs.  This is something special that you can keep in your house after your big day is over (think a rec room, finished garage, bar area, man cave) or in the office!  These kinds of signs are perfect for a modern or an industrial space.

Gobo lights:

While you can dress up the tabletops, there is a lot of “empty” space in some venues, especially venues that are more new and modern versus older and ornate.  A great way to fill “dead” space is with a Gobo light!  Most commonly they are shined onto the dance floor, which can create stunning photos of your First Dances at weddings, and fun photos for any event.  Another option that is becoming more on-trend is having a gobo light on walls.  You can do a company logo, a couple’s initials, monogram, names spelled out, or a custom message or image.  Great places to shine Gobos are on walls in the entrance of the event space, or by a dessert table.

Glow wands:

These are perfect for an after party!  Now, we all have seen small glow sticks and glow necklaces and bracelets.  But have you seen LED glow “wands”?!  They are super fun to wave around, and because they are surrounded in Styrofoam, they are safe in the event that your guests become playful with them.   A couple of companies that offer them are (hyperlink: and Joissu (hyperlink:

Glow-in-the-Dark dance party!:

And drumroll please…. I am going to suggest using Spray paint.  How cliché of me 🙂   But seriously, glow-in-the-dark spray paint exists, just think of the possibilities!  I have not yet seen this done, but how fun would it be to have an event where you spray paint the cake stands, flower vases, and wall décor to be glow-in-the-dark?!  You could even offer cotton candy with tiny glow sticks inserted into the holders.  Super fun!We hope that this was helpful finding ways to brighten your event, and your day!   😉

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