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Wedding Day Tips and Tricks

Wedding Day Tips Tricks

Wedding Day Tips Tricks

Wedding Day Tips and Tricks

The wedding day is ALWAYS a busy one for planners and coordinators. That is one thing that will never change. But we are always excited to learn new ways for keeping that busy day as smooth and organized as possible. Additionally, we love those simple tips for those little wedding day details.Today we want to share with you, a few “hacks” that the Storybook team has up our sleeves for both weddings or private events, and boy, have these tricks come in handy! 


Put a splash of water in the bottom on your candle holder before placing the actual candle inside. When the candle melts, you can easily pop out the melted wax after it cools off and hardens.  Some people also place ice cubes on top of the candles to expedite the hardening process of the wax.  

Cleaning up glitter. In our opinion, glitter has the capability of making everything prettier, but the one bad thing about glitter is that it never seems to go away once you use it!  Of course having a vacuum or dirt-devil on-hand is always advised, but if you need to remove glitter from your clothing or tabletop, that’s when a handy lint roller comes into play!

No window cleaner handy to polish those last-minute decor details?  Test the surface in an inconspicuous area first, but (cheap) vodka can sometimes be used to make last-minute polishes on glass, metal, and plastic surfaces. Vodka can also remove sticker labels from surfaces just like the cleaning product “Goo-Gone” does. 


A cost effective and easy way to help your guests cool off outside is to offer hand-held fans as a wedding favor upon arrival to the wedding ceremony space.  You could even “kill two birds with one stone” and print your wedding program onto a fan!

Saving your wedding cake to eat on your one-year anniversary?  Ask your caterer to freeze the saved portion of the cake unwrapped for about 20-30 minutes before wrapping it in foil to take home.  This will prevent the frosting from sticking to the foil, which makes a mess of your beautiful cake!

Arrange and place cocktail napkins to make them look “not-so-boring”. Take either a pint glass or the back of your hand and twist in a continuous circular motion while applying light pressure to swirl the napkins, creating a spiral staircase look. The effect looks much cooler than a standard stack of napkins.

We will continue to share more tips and trick throughout the wedding season!


– The Storybook Team

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