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Wedding Programs: Everything You Need to Know

Wedding Programs: Everything You Need to Know

Although not absolutely necessary for you to be wed, wedding programs are always appreciated by guests.  It is most common to provide a program for each guest or couple attending. Programs may be placed in a basket or container to be displayed. You may also task them with a close friend acting as a greeter to be passed out.  We have also seen a couple of weddings where one large “program” has been displayed to be used as a point of reference.

Wedding programs can serve as a “Welcome” to your ceremony, and it gives your guests something to read while they wait for your ceremony to commence.  During your ceremony, the wedding program can be used to help your guests follow along the course of your ceremony’s events. Especially, if they do not share the same religious faith as you and your partner.

When you bring two families together, it’s safe to say that not everyone attending will know each other.  Listing the names of your parents, close family members, and the names and relationships of the people in your bridal party will help your guests familiarize themselves better with those who are most important to you in your life.  And to honor lost loved ones, you can use your wedding program to pay your respects.

Details to Mention

(which can vary by religion and culture)

  • Officiant

  • Parents of the Bride

  • Parents of the Groom

  • Maid of Honor

  • Best Man

  • Bridesmaids

  • Groomsmen

  • Processional song

  • Greeting

  • Listing of Special Readings

  • Prayers

  • Exchanging of Vows

  • Ring Ceremony

  • Pronouncement of Marriage

Often times couples use their wedding programs to thank their guests for joining them on their big day, or if there is someone who you really care about that was not able to make it (elderly family members, for example) you can mention them.  You can also use your wedding program to share your love story with your friends and family, or share a poem, song, or piece of writing that is special to you and your partner.  An adorable thing that one of our couples did was place in their program a section saying “What I Love about Him” and “What I Love about Her,” and it was so romantic!

Not as romantic, but still important to share: if your wedding reception is taking place at a different location than your wedding ceremony, you can add the reception location’s address on the back of the program to help guide your guests to their next destination.

Just like your wedding, your wedding programs are what you make them. You can make your program as simple and traditional or creative and exciting as you’d like.  Some guests will accidentally leave their program behind in excitement to get the celebration started, or some (like us!) will keep their program, add it to their scrapbook or memory box, and cherish the memory of your big day for years and years to come.  What you leave them with is entirely up to you!

With Love,

Lindsay Gaeta

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