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Photographer Spotlight | Adeline Rock

One of our favorite things about being a national (and international) wedding planning firm is the ability and ease in which we get to partner with talented photographers and vendors all around the world.

As we have expanded into Austin, we’ve been making connections with vendors that we cannot wait to introduce to our couples.

And Adeline Rock is one of them.

Her beautiful golden photos are captivating and magical.

We are so excited to share our interview with Adeline below.

Storybook: Hey Adeline! Tell us a bit about yourself

Adeline: Hey there y’all! My name is Adeline Rock, and I am a, as I like to say, a full-time hype gal telling stories through images powered by love. I work out of Austin & NYC, and absolutely am in love with my job.

For some fun info about me, I have a giant St. Bernard pup named Ollie who perfectly embodies a grumpy old man, haha! I am originally from Philly, so I love the cold & I am a total big city kinda girl. My favorite TV shows kind of range all over the place, but I would say right now it’s Greys Anatomy, Love on Netflix, and of course, New Girl. In my free time, you’ll find me in the gym or at least attempting to roll out my yoga mat. I love listening to podcasts, too! My current favorites are Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, + the Abraham Hicks podcast. I’m also a huge tattoo lover (I think I have 12? I stopped counting!), and coffee “connoisseur” (which just means I try new creamers every now and then, but am totally caffeine addicted, haha!) Overall, I’m just a girl in her 20’s getting to capture the celebration of love as my full time job & for that, I’m so grateful.

Storybook: How did you get started in photography? How many years have you been shooting weddings?

Adeline: I got started in photography as a whole when I was around 14! I originally had a Youtube channel and loved the “behind the scenes” work so much, that I started doing internships dealing directly with media in all forms! I finished my 13th internship when I was 18, and started my photography business immediately afterwards, diving straight into branding + weddings, because I loved both so much! I have worked with the Food Network, Refinery29, and even brands like Kendra Scott + Neutrogena. Once I discovered weddings + photographing love though, I was instantly obsessed & did whatever it took to make sure I could make this my career. This year will mark my 4th year of doing photography full time!

Storybook: How would you describe your photography shooting and editing style?

My style has definitely changed and evolved over the years, (it’s so wild to look back at my first photoshoots & see how much has changed!), and once I found my own unique editing + shooting style, it really gave me the confidence I needed in my work. I would describe my style as somewhere in between dreamy, warm, lots of sunlight and golden hours, and all of the emotion in the moment I can capture. My main goal with my photography is to allow you to feel like you are back in the emotion of that moment. With tones in my editing, they air on the side of crispy contrast + warm light & sunset hues.

Storybook: Have you always been in Austin? What are some of your favorite places to photograph?

Adeline: Nope! I am originally from Philly, and I’m starting to transfer my work more to NYC, but Austin specifically has some gorgeous locations. I love anywhere on Lake Travis or with a view of downtown! Rooftop garage photo sessions during golden hour are where it’s at!

Storybook: What do you love most about the wedding day?

Adeline: The weddings I shoot always look a little different, because no two couple’s love or style is the same, which is so fun! It keeps me on my toes in the best way. I love the moments where no one is paying attention to, the most. Such as when the couple walks down the aisle and takes a moment to themselves just 30 feet away from the crowd to process the fact that they just made the most beautiful commitment of their lives! Or when the bride looks in the mirror after putting her dress on, and realizes that this is really happening! The expression on her face is always followed by a deep breath to shake the nerves, and those are the kinds of moments I want to capture. I also love any photos of the couple themselves surrounded by the sun’s warm golden glow, obvi!

Austin Wedding Photographer 13.jpg

Storybook: When booking a new couple, what do you like them to know about you and the way you work with couples?

Adeline: Before making any commitment to my couple to capture the biggest day of their lives, I always want to make sure we click on a friendship-level first, since being their photographer is the most intimate job of the wedding day! I mean, who else is playing paparazzi while they make out? Haha! Getting along with my amazing couples, and making sure I can make them as comfortable as possible in front of the lens (because that is not an easy place to be; especially when you have no idea how a photoshoot works! It can be totally terrifying and intimidating to completely trust a photographer to capture such a magical time of your life.), is my number one priority. Once we click and decide to move forward, that’s when even more fun happens! Getting to help with the style of the wedding, seeing what dress the bride chooses, watching their love story come to life (and getting to capture it!), and seeing every little wedding detail of the couples dream fall into place is one of the best parts of my job. Like I said earlier, my job is capturing the celebration of love, all the emotion that comes with it, and I couldn’t think of a more badass career.

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