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Photographer Spotlight | Lucy Struve

From time to time we encounter someone that we just have to share with our couples!

As we have expanded Storybook Weddings and Events into Austin, Texas we met Lucy Struve of Lucille Photo and knew that would be collaborating together on future weddings.

Lucy prides herself on creating timeless candids and editorial style portraits for refined couples throwing incredible celebrations. As planners, we know that this resonates with a lot of our very own couples.

We are so excited to share our interview with you.

Storybook: How did you get started in photography? How many years have you been shooting weddings?

Lucy: My grandfather was a photographer, so I think it’s in my genes a little bit. I’ve always been a creative with an entrepreneurial side and a lot of ambition, but photography wasn’t always on my radar as a career. Apparently it was on God’s radar though, because I did an internship with a wedding photographer in high school…I  just didn’t think much of it. Later, I was majoring in music in college at a small christian school and started photographing weddings for my friends with small budgets using the limited experience I had from high school. I quickly fell in love with it and loved the idea of working for myself. That was six years ago, and to date I’ve shot over 150 weddings!

Storybook: How would you describe your photography shooting and editing style?

Lucy: I would describe myself as a mix of fine art and documentary. My couples are all about the sun-drenched portraits and the beautiful details, but most of all they want those special moments with their friends and family captured in a way that helps them remember how they felt. I’m very conscious of the energy I bring to a wedding day, helping my couples to stay relaxed and “in the moment” while collaborating with them to create magic.

When I talk to potential clients, they usually say that they reached out to me because they love how bright and colorful my images are, how natural and relaxed the people in them look, and the editorial quality of the in-between moments I capture. I’m super inspired by the work of John Dolan, Olivia Rae James, and Ryan Ray. I also draw inspiration from art (love me some Dutch Masters and Monet), fashion brands, and nature.

Storybook: Have you always been in Austin? What are some of your favorite places to photograph?

Lucy: I started my business in the Dallas area when I was a student, but I grew up an hour north of Austin so moving my business back here was relatively easy. Choosing my favorite places to shoot is hard because there are so many amazing ones, but they include Laguna Gloria, Villa Antonia, Camp Lucy, Prospect House, and Addison Grove.

Storybook: What do you love most about the wedding day?

Lucy: I genuinely love wedding days as a whole, so this is tough too. It’s bigger than a specific moment to me, but more about what the day represents and how the individual parts come together as a whole. I love the fact that this is a once in a lifetime day, because what are the odds that this exact combination of people will ever be under the same roof again? I love that I get to encounter people on the best day of their lives and the meaningful moments I get to witness. I love the fashion, the florals, the beautiful design and creativity that goes into creating a unique celebration that reflects the two people getting married. I guess whatever part of the day has the most excitement and intentionality is my favorite, and that changes with each couple.

Storybook: When booking a new couple, what do you like them to know about you and the way you work with couples?

Lucy: I want couples to know that they deserve to work with someone who is passionate about what they do, and who will capture who they are instead of fitting them into a cookie cutter mold. This is so much more than a box to check off while wedding planning – this is choosing the person to capture once-in-a-lifetime memories for you. I work closely with my couples and offer support throughout the whole process to create something with them that is as unique as they are. I ask my couples to be vulnerable with me – to share their insecurities, lean into their emotions, and embrace intimate moments in my presence. But in return, I promise them nothing less than exquisite, distinctive images that they will cherish forever.

Storybook: Lastly, tell us about YOU! What do you love and what could we find you doing when you’re not capturing your couple’s weddings?

Lucy: My favorite things in the world are good food, great wine, my dogs, the outdoors, and traveling. I’m also really into mindfulness, interior design, and I love a good novel. I plan to throw all of the beautifully styled dinner parties once covid is over because I love connecting with people and getting past the surface. The best trip I’ve ever taken was to Japan with my husband in 2019. I don’t like to watch a lot of TV, but I watch the Bachelor pretty religiously!

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