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How to Tweak Your Wedding Design for a New Season

If you’re a couple, who’s wedding day has been postponed from one season to another, then this blog was made for you!

Today I’m going to share how you can keep the original design vision you created for your wedding, but fine tune it for another season. 

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In 2020, we had many of our couples postpone their original dates and what originally was supposed to be a spring wedding, is now a taking place in the hot summer or chilly and crisp fall – and vise versa. 

Today I want to share how to keep the original vision that you began with but make some tweaks and refinements to accommodate for the new season. 

The Color Palette

Let’s begin with the color palette. 

Many of us choose a color palette that complements the season. In spring we may have pops of corals and yellows, Summer tends to call for bright whites and greens and our chillier months focus in on warmer tones, think burgundy’s, burnt orange and dark neutrals.

I believe that you can totally keep your original vision for your color palette but play with the saturation and luminosity of your colors to complement the season of your new wedding date. 

I’m going to show you a few examples here:

Moving Covid Wedding from Summer to Fall

Summer to Fall

In the above example, we kept our main colors the same (the greens and the black) however we took the cooler neutrals and added some warmth to them to feel cozier for the cooler months that this couple now moved to.

Covid Wedding Posponement

Fall to Spring

In the above example, we are sharing a couple’s original vision to play off a very season centered fall wedding. We had colors that represented the colors of the leaves. When moving from Fall to Spring, we tried to keep the integrity of their color palette by brightening up their main colors.

So we simply brightened the green to be more reminiscent of baby buds and a coral reflective of fresh new floral.

Spring to Winter Covid Wedding

In my final example, we had a couple postpone their wedding from spring to winter and kept color palette as close to its original. The subtle changes you see above come from a deeper saturation of each color to feel much more comfortable for the colder winter months we transitioned the wedding to.


Let’s stay on the color topic for another moment. If you feel like adjusting your main colors is just too out of your comfort zone, you can play with the same colors from your original palette but try out new linen textures.

Think of all the different tables and elements of your day that will incorporate linen or fabric. 

For my brides that love attaching ribbon to their bouquet. Think about how you can adjust it’s texture to accommodate for the season. Light and delicate ribbon is perfect for warmer months and heavier ribbon is perfect for winter months.

At your reception, your guests will be greeted with a variety of tables. There is the card and gift table, the guest book table, highboys and cabarets and then on course, the guest dining tables. How can you adjust for the season, without adjusting your colors?

We love heavier fabrics like velvets for the fall and winter months and lighter breezier fabrics for  spring and summer. 

Floral Choices

Next, let’s talk flowers. I’d like to start out by saying that I recommend that you schedule a follow up meeting with your florist if you plan to make drastic changes of any kind. Your florists know best as to which flowers are available during one season or another, or what costs may be associated with getting the florals you were originally counting on, like peonies or dahlias in a seasons where they are no longer easily available. 

So please, If you plan to make a big change in color palette or your flower choices, always have the conversation with your floral designer. 

I’m sure you know, there are certain seasons where specific flowers are more readily available or at lower costs than in other seasons. But playing with the kinds of flowers that you have in your proposals can help you adjust to the new season of your wedding. 

Switching our spring peonies for fall dahlias or swapping out bright billy ball stems from your spring wedding for hearty pine cones for a winter wedding are perfect swap choices. Get creative with your designer here and have fun swapping out seasonal elements. 

Photographer: Tim Tab Studios

Photographer: Tim Tab Studios

Food and Beverage

Just like the colors and florals we see more often in one season over another, the same goes for the seasonality of your food. 

So how can you adjust your guest’s food and beverage experience to accommodate for your new wedding date? Here are a few of my favorite options. 

Couple’s switching from spring to winter may consider adjusting their fresh summer salad for a cozy soup or their vegetarian dish of bright and vibrant pasta dish switches to a comforting potato gnocchi. 

Other adjustments for your main course could simply be adjusting the vegetables and sauces. A heavy cream sauce can be swapped with a thinner and lighter alternative. Whipped potatoes can be removed and replaced with seasoned roasted fingerlings that remind you of summer barbecues. A simple switch of an ingredient or two can make all the difference. 

Bring this same discussion to your drinks. A hot toddy for winter can be swapped for a crisp summer spritzer. 

Photographer: Sara Richardson Photo

Photographer: Sara Richardson Photo

Wedding Day Details

Now let’s think about the smaller details that you had planned for the big day. All of these items can be adjusted for the season, but still bring the same guest experience you originally had planned.

If you had visions of your guests sitting around a cozy camp fire and wrapping themselves in monogramed flannel blankets, you can instead design custom fans to use during your outdoor ceremony and keep the camp fire – but switch out the flannel for toasting smore’s. 

Changes can be made even in the tiniest little ways like changing the words you use on your day of signage. 

“Tis the Season to be married” is a super cute for winter wedding


“Our Love is Hot, so grab a water “ at your sparkling water station before your ceremony is also perfect for those warm summer months.


Overall, I know moving your wedding day was not in the plans. I understand how it’s disrupted joy, given the feelings of uncertainty in many ways and given you moments of doubt and discouragement. 

I hope that you get those feelings of excitement back. Because you and your fiancé and your marriage were meant to be celebrated. You two just get a little extra engagement time that a lot of us wish to go back and relish more if we had the chance. 

Enjoy this moment as best you can and keep your wedding yours. Don’t let Covid take that away from you. 

I hope that this little post encouraged you to re-spark your excitement for your wedding. I hope it will give you some moments of creativity of taking back the reigns and making this date yours again. 

If you have any questions. Or if you would like to chat further, we do offer individual planning consultations not tied to any long term planning package. You can find out more by viewing our service page.

As always, feel free to leave me a comment with topic suggestions or questions you would like me to answer in future blogs. 

Now, until next time, happy planning!


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