Our Planning process


No detail goes overlooked, no stone left unturned.

Our events are designed and planned with grace and integrity

We pride ourselves on our care and attention to detail. Throughout the entire wedding planning process and on the wedding day itself, we are always thinking two steps ahead and planning for the unplanned. 

To do this successfully, we have developed a process that accounts for both creative plans and realistic logistics. This process focuses on timeless design, meticulous planning, respected and trusted vendors, and an elevated guest experience.

Everything we do is centered around these four pillars to ensure a smooth and memorable event.

But it all begins with the couple. I invite you to flip through the qualities we look for in an ideal partnership with our clients.

Planning a wedding is stressful despite endless help, flexible budgets and talented teamwork. Our couples tend to have the best engagement experience when they keep their purpose front and center - the love they have for one another. 

keep their love and relationship front and center

our dream clients

Let's be honest, hiccups happen. We've encountered rain on wedding day, pandemic disruptions, volatile family dynamics, and highly sought-after vendors already booked on our couple's date.

We understand hopes for perfection. However, we enjoy working with couples that lean into life as an journey and something to be enjoyed.

If weather control or "miracle worker" is what you're looking for in a wedding planner, we won't be a good fit. 

don't let a little rain ruin their day.

our dream clients

I understand the excitement and the natural urge to rush, book vendor after vendor and calm anxiety by "just getting it checked off the list"

At Storybook, we prefer to plan steadily while providing ample room for design and idea development. We've created a beautiful and balanced process that ensures we don't miss or overlook a detail.  

The Storybook process fulfills each aspect of the planning experience with grace and meticulousness, while simultaneously honoring necessary breaks and recharging of yourself, your planner and vendors as well. If your goal is to simply check off your to-do's as quickly as possible, we may not be the best fit. 


our dream clients

Engagements should be a time of
celebration and excitement

When you hand off the wedding planning process, you give yourself the gift of time and peace.

We are your trusted professionals working on your behalf to make your wedding dreams come true. Weddings are high-emotion events, and we’re here as your support system throughout. It’s our job as your wedding planner or coordinator to handle it all — the logistics, solutions, details, etiquette, and the shoulder to lean on. We’re your champion throughout the process.

We believe that over-communication is key. When we give you clear milestones and timelines, you’re able to sit back and relax while we get to work on the logistics. 

Tell us your goals, your dreams, and your vision, and we will make it happen.

The planning process

01. Initial Consultation

First, we love to meet you right at your engagement with no plans. We’ll sit down for a consultation and dream big.

But if you've already started planning...no problem. Most have! 

The planning process

02. The Design Concept

Next, we dive straight into the design and concepts — what your wedding will look like, what guests will feel, and what’s most important to you. These concepts will be the cornerstone of everything – floral, cuisine, and culture. This meeting allows us to collaborate and make sure we’re all on the same page.

The planning process

03. curated vendor portfolios

Once we have grasped your design vision, we begin curating a custom list of trusted vendors. Thorough vetting processes and consultations over champagne help us conclude and contract our talent team.

The planning process

03. Logistics and Details

At the 3-6 month mark, we start getting into the day-of nitty gritty. We’ll handle speeches, bus transportation, hotel coordination, and all of the things that make the event run smoothly. 

For Coordination Clients, this is where we begin.

The planning process

04. The wedding day

On the wedding day, our team is on site and ready to handle every detail. We align each role and responsibility strategically to ensure that you have our full attention at any given moment throughout the day. Extra wedding and planning assistants are on site to help with steaming dresses, directing guests, relaying information to Nicole.

Depending on the size of the wedding, we have anywhere from 1-4 assistants present.

Whether you’re planning a small, hometown event with 20 of your closest friends and family, we’re here to see it through.

Don’t be afraid to dream big 

We love being creative in new environments.

Whether you want a Chicago elopement or a cliffside wedding in Denver, we can bring your vision to life.

Our investment begins at $5,000. From the most extravagantly intimate soirees to the grandest, most well-attended celebrations, we’re ready to dream up your day.

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“The whole team was so attentive and always responded to our questions quickly, no matter how big or small. The wedding ran so smoothly and we didn’t have to worry about anything on our big day.”


- Lindsey and Ryan, 11.07.19


At Storybook, we value timeless design. So much so that it makes up one of the four facets of our planning process. If you believe in timeless design too, we would love to share 20 beautiful color palettes, carefully curated, just for you.